Basically those of you who play Just Cause 2 know that the game does not have multiplayer support yet :) so the guys who created SA-MP(gta-sa multiplayer) have done some testing with just cause 2.. here's a video which previews some of the multiplayer :)

Personally i think it looks good and the Sync is good too... we'll see what they got for the future :P ill make sure the updates get to :)


new bolo patch is released

which is a trainer for just cause 2, allows you to have multiple ropes, infinite ammo and other things :) try it out!

Run game

run patch

Enable Cheats :) simple!
1.   Posted by Franco   2010-04-18 19:12    

looks like a nice update for the JC2 players....

too bad that my pc is really shitty, i would love to try it out

2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-04-18 19:13    

not yet released :) just testing the bolo patch is up tho :P you should try tbh get the demo.. see if you can run it.. ive heard many people with low-endish pc's run it on low

3.   Posted by Franco   2010-04-18 20:38    

maybe, but i don't think that my FX5500 gets on the low category lol

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