Juiced 2 rimpack by robban_9000

IMPORTANT: u will find the rims in stock rims and not in street rims in the catalog.

Will convert more rims from juiced 2 and make more rimpacks soon

Thanx to: Gom team and Default creation community for ur support and comments.

Special thanx to ROLTS: For making this awsome rpk creator that i used to make this pack.

Do not upload these anywhere wihtout my permission.

Have fun ^^ // robban
1.   Posted by Sexy_Svajne   2013-01-06 23:17    

Can u Please give me the link of that Focus....Days im looking for it....

2.   Posted by Maxtrem   2013-11-27 20:25    

Fuck that! Shitty link! Please upload on mediafire. Thanks!

3.   Posted by fadhilahdika   2019-01-03 08:23    

Mediafire LINK

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