55 HQ Used metal - Rust - Scrach and Dirt textures

As the title says it's a collected of textures in .png format.

The pack contains 55 .png texture with good quality.
All textures are ready for use in Slrr... Except the Used-Metal textures in folder "Other"

Here some pics to see how they look:

My old shots:

And one rusted from Sam339:

Sorry, i forgot to tell you how to put it in Slrr.

In this directory "Slrr\decals\textures\catalog\" you'll find 7 folders. Just choise texture and put it in some of the folders
1.   Posted by molter92   2013-01-31 10:50    

hmm very nice:) it great:D

2.   Posted by AssumedGuitar37   2013-09-09 07:22    

Nice it will work well for JDM cars like my newly built Mercedes CL63 AMG Black Series...

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