diesel sounds for GSM-s VAG diesel engine

>VAG diesel sound v0.1 BETA<
Sounds made by: siimu111
Programm: Audacity 1.3 Beta
Big thaks to dicio_cross for awesome TDI sounds :)
Put "sounds" folder to:
x:\your files\your SLRR folder\parts\engines\Einvagen_Duhen_Ishima_Focer
Thats why it is beta - VAG engine uses original Einvagen_Duhen_Ishima_Focer engine sounds. I
recomend to use "Engine Sound Overal Patch" by Nightrider. If you do not use that, your
Einvagen_Duhen_Ishima_Focer engine sounds will be ruined.
I recomend to make backup first.
NB! Set rev-limiter to 3000RPM, then you have normal sound. If you rev over 4000RPM, starts rev-limiter "tatatatata" sound.
You have my permission to share it with other sites, if you put me as an author and give credits to dicio_cross.
VAG engine download link: LINK

1.   Posted by charlflip   2014-08-08 11:58    

Engine link is broken. Where can I get it elsewhere?

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3.   Posted by OwnzzGames   2015-09-18 13:25    

fixed download link for the engine *LINK*

4.   Posted by Soviet666   2015-10-23 17:04    

Broken link to the VAG engine :c

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