So after a long wait, the once shitty car is now a bit less shitty thanks to Diego from DSpeedFactory and of course myself...

1.   Posted by PXRZ   2011-09-05 19:38    

Nice interiors, just saying.

2.   Posted by markgt   2011-09-05 19:44    

nice job you guys did there! :D

3.   Posted by Daniel   2011-09-05 21:18    

Nice mod! But i have problems with physics..

4.   Posted by siimu111   2011-09-06 09:45    

NICE!!! I like it! :-X

5.   Posted by Filipovic   2011-09-09 20:47    

Bad job. Bad engine site, why rear window are with model ? I like UE trunk, and interior, this is all.

6.   Posted by SPD13TDI   2011-09-10 11:08    

crashing game .. :(

7.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2011-09-11 12:06    

its a "dont bitch edition" :) means that its only released for fun nothing serious nothing that you can call finished, which is why you might see those little bugs but the car is more than usable

8.   Posted by Jaziba   2011-09-11 12:30    

@Filipovic lol bad job? i'd like to see you make a better one.

rear windows come with the car because i needed the file spaces for other parts of the car ;)

@SPD13TDI no error log? i tested this on 221MWMSTAGE1 by Diego, with ALOT of mods installed.

9.   Posted by Filipovic   2011-09-11 15:09    

In my opinion this model must be reedit in 100% ! Edit engine site, this window, name in body parts. If you doesnt have spaces you must add in rpk. ;p Please improve the model !!! ;D

10.   Posted by Jaziba   2011-09-11 18:24    

Please do it yourself.

Or a second option, just don't use mine.

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