3DS Max script

Well its finnaly here... in the rar says how to install... and here is a video of how to use it

If you use Max 2011:

Max 2011 doesn't have the scenes folder in the normal install path, you have to put the scenes folder into the
My Documents/3dsmax/scenes.

1.   Posted by tmstance   2012-05-05 19:46    

i am confused how you make the rims work or work on the rim i have everything i just dont understand how you work it

2.   Posted by kirkie999898   2013-07-25 08:18    

how do u open it ?

3.   Posted by Rockeroller   2014-10-28 23:42    

error... not found

4.   Posted by Ramsey   2016-12-07 18:08    

404 NOT FOUND!!! Please add new URL

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