only tested in 2.2.1 mwm

Well... i lost the 3d max scene of this car,so we started to fool around with it, and made a fully working stock one, it's awesome to drive, has real specs, and everything, but remember, it's only stock

1.   Posted by Jaziba   2011-05-04 23:14    

not that a bodykit/bumpers would even fit this car! also GLOWS and 3D taillights? or arent they present

i will try this after i get home from vacation!

2.   Posted by Franco   2011-05-04 23:41    

no jaz, glows or 3d taillights aren't done, i lost the 3d files

3.   Posted by hanintz17   2011-10-08 05:55    

why can not I download :/

4.   Posted by Dariuss   2012-05-17 19:47    

the link works fine! Good job franco and dspeed factory!

5.   Posted by NEGUINHO.   2012-08-25 15:50    

como abaixa aki os carros

6.   Posted by Barmy   2017-07-25 22:16    


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