Author of 3D model: Chassis by Paepae
Conversion for SLRR: Paepae
Release picture: Nanthawat M.
Special thanks: SLRR Thailand รักรถสวยเชิญทางนี้ [Join here!]

Features of the mod:
-Faceoff Boss RX3
-Carbon & Stock hood
-Has Front bumper with carbon lip & Bumper with Intercooler, Carbon lip too!
-Editable Under Hood with texture
-Two Rear wings Design
-Fake Headlight & Beautiful fake Taillight
-Clean Engine room
-Good for Drift or drag racing
-No crashes in SLRR races
and more...
1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2019-05-11 10:53    

I think there might be a little mistake on the pictures?

2.   Posted by Nightkid   2019-05-11 14:30    

what the fuck ?

3.   Posted by EliasFD3S   2019-05-11 14:58    

tf lmaoo

4.   Posted by inotezz   2019-05-11 16:41    

Picture not mistake, My Car name is mistake

5.   Posted by Ej1Richie201   2019-05-15 03:11    

the wierdest vw ive ever seen

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