EARLY BETA version of the Corvette

Super basic because it's not done yet. Should still mostly work. Have fun.

Requires ExhaustiveBits by Amilmand (especially the extra chassis functions) and Gorgoil and Oxman99's update to BB93 and Jaziba's LS3.
1.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2019-04-02 01:30    

Also, if you're arriving at this today, you should know that I just put out a small update for the S197 facelift that I thought didn't merit a news page.

2.   Posted by Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-02 04:19    

Look a Rx7

Great work tho as always

3.   Posted by slrrthai0123   2019-04-02 05:00    

does it wasn't finished about uploading on mediafire?

4.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2019-04-02 05:42    

Aw, crap, MediaFire is acting up. Try now?

5.   Posted by Lagano   2019-04-02 16:20    

Looks good! Why exactly is Amilmand's patch required though?

6.   Posted by Jehh   2019-04-02 17:35    

umm still not on MediaFire :/

7.   Posted by gorgoil   2019-04-02 18:06    

Lagano it's needed because it's the only way to read RPM, and in this C5 mod the clusters are done via java for maximum precision, so you need the ExhaustiveBits with the stuff added for the car being able to read the rpm

8.   Posted by theblockishot   2019-04-03 04:32    

How do you get the extra chassis functions ?

9.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2019-04-03 09:40    

@ everyone: Try it now?

@ Gorgoil: Less precision and more so that I can get the needles to light up and switch off, although on something like the R34 with a graduated tachometer I'd do it for precision.

@ theblockishot: Make sure you have Chassis.java in your game, MAKE A BACKUP OUT OF YOUR SLRR DIRECTORY, and copy AdditionalChassisFunctions in before the last close-bracket. If you don't have Chassis.java in your game, go find it in the stock java sources.

10.   Posted by slrrthai0123   2019-04-04 06:46    

excuse me again, I'm so sorry for the second ask but I'm really want to try it now.
I extract all the folder in RAR (so I don't have to create a new file (/parts/scripts/bodypart/src/)
cause it already have, I'm also use light edition + exhaustive bits ([vanilla] or I choose the wrong version of it?)
// but after all it still get this eror after I started the new carrer then
buy this car with nude chassi or click the vehicle button //
!Script error

Thread: Animate Thread
Error: parse error (2)

java.game.parts.bodypart.HeadlightController:run (line:239)

11.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2019-04-04 15:34    

Looks like ExhaustiveBits is not installed correctly if you do have it. Make sure you're running the latest version and that you've got the new EXE. Also make sure that the Extended Chassis Functions are installed in your Chassis.java source file.

12.   Posted by Vnom   2019-04-09 09:55    

Hell yeah! i've wanted a C5 for the longest time, glad it's here.

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