My latest and biggest drag rim pack with over 270 rims in sizes from 15-21 inch and 13 beadlocks available in 15-18 inch. 99% of it all is paintable, but to be sure check the part description first. The beadlocks can be found in RUNNING GEAR -> OTHER.


extract billetwheels2.rpk and billetwheels2 [the folder] into
your SLRR\parts directory.

Thanks to the SLRR community for ideas and words of encouragement
Beta testing: Gorgoil
1.   Posted by TEKKE078   2019-03-16 03:23    

Crashes in Running Gear > Others!

2.   Posted by TEKKE078   2019-03-16 16:00    

Nevermind, I fixed. The pack is amazing!

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