Spain Rally Stage 1

Map was originally converted from Colin McRae Rally 3 by SMOUK2
New features of the map:
- Race mode
- surface properties
- particle system for grass and sand done by Wichur

- Pretty good to race with cars under 280hp
- For people that use BB93 you might have an issue with this due navigator *Click here to get the fix*
- Extract the ZIP directly into your game folder to avoid any problems(I won't take any responsibility due bad installation)
- The map has been tested in 2.2.1 MWM and BB93 2015 2.2.1 MWM
- Have fun!


1.   Posted by BigSmoke   2018-12-09 07:12    

Woah, happy to see someone reuploading this and improving it as well! :D
If you don't mind+had the time, can you improve other SMOUK2 conversions as well?

2.   Posted by gorgoil   2018-12-10 04:58    

Thanks for the support, and yes one of my main ideas is to do what I did with this to other tracks, not only the ones converted by SMOUK2 but by other modders too, the next one is going to be Tsukuba by Diegoborges

3.   Posted by SeannyGambino   2018-12-23 08:23    


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