L93v5 verision with more mods added

So I added some cool mods to L93 version of SLRR and I hope everything works just fine.(no crashes/bugs)
some of the car mods:
Audi S4
BMW e36
BMW e92
BMW e46 m3
BMW 760li
Mercedes w124
Mercedes w210
Mercedes C32 AMG
Merdedes W140
Mercedes CLK
Mercedes S class
Mercedes SEC600
Nissan FairladyZ33
VW golf mkI + mkIII
Mazda rx7
Nissan Silvia s14
Plus Pure sound mod of AE86, BMW e60 M5, Mazda13b and Nissan rb26
Pictures of the mods can you find here: *LINK*
1.   Posted by dthug69   2018-10-30 04:38    

i keep getting error code when unzipping the files. winrar wont let me unzip the folder

2.   Posted by Schmelleck   2018-10-31 10:53    

doesnt launch

3.   Posted by M0vx   2018-10-31 20:18    

did you try launch MWM_Resolution_Changer to change it to your screen resolution? I couldn't launch it either but changing resolution fixed it for me

4.   Posted by tiagoa4   2018-11-01 05:18    

Not from Coprone's ENB :/ And how to solve the problem the ENB?

5.   Posted by amilmand   2018-11-03 19:42    

I felt adventurous and tried out the pack there are numerous programmatically detectable errors (for a full list (these are not all game breaking obviously but each indicates that something is out of place): LINK)
The first thing of note is that the error.log in the pack is over 6MB (and it does report a lot of new errors in runtime (try the rims section in the catalogue))!
The pack is also over the hard limit of 255 rpks (so "random" crashes will occur frequently if you try to explore the contents properly)

There are some issues that cause a reproducible crash for example (because of the use of an old unpatched exe) take the "Toyota Altezza RS200" remove the tail lights, the rear bumper, and the trunk and full throttle reverse in to the back wall of the garage bumm consistent crash (explanation: LINK the "Facedef" part).

Another one; go to the car selection menu select the "Mercedes-Benz W140" then one page back the "Nissan FairladyZ Z33 '03" this again is consistent and it can be accounted to script redefinitions.

The author used SlrrEditor which is a horrendous app and indeed caused some nice issues practically every single chassis cfg is erroneous (has attach lines with invalid hex numbers as the second token), another example is that you can put two engine blocks in the super duties (buy one of the chassis' in the catalogue (just the chassis because the other slot that accepts a block is the one originally for the "rear door") and buy two of the superduty blocks. The other issue caused by SlrrEditor is that not all the blocks that were intended to work with a given chassis will actually work because of a (I thought to be well known..) issue with the program.

Also, not including the source for at least the modifications made to the scripts in the sl\Scripts\game\ folder is well obnoxious to say the least...

I see that the effort that can be expected is there though this should be a great modded version of the game but unfortunately modding slrr is exceptionally hard because of the avarege quality of mods being so low out there (I havent even mentioned issues with cars spawning with missing parts and the like) and also this SlrrEditor thing... shame that it got this much popularity and silently messes up everyone's game...

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