Loads of stickers in png. best possible quality.

includes some banners as well. Enjoy!
1.   Posted by Luke23_32   2018-09-17 14:34    

Holy! That's a lot! Looks like a new sticker trend has been going on the website these days XD
Also, I was feeling good about my sticker pack. But when I saw this, I Knew I could've made much more :))

2.   Posted by Renaruto   2018-09-17 18:26    

hell ye <3

3.   Posted by EXOTI1CSTANCE   2018-09-19 19:53    

Thank you so much dude

4.   Posted by EXOTI1CSTANCE   2018-09-19 19:54    

Thank you so much dude

5.   Posted by luka1712   2019-06-24 19:41    

how to put one sticker at a time??????????

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