Random broken main menu rescript lol

I made this main menu modification several months ago.

Now I decided to ask the community to help me add some features :)

Keep in mind it's still a beta, and it was only tested on Light Edition.

Please report any bugs you find with it, and I'll attempt to fix them.


1.   Posted by Lagano   2018-09-05 15:31    

Nice work! But is the "load game" option missing or is it the same as "continue"? Or is it "back to garage"?

2.   Posted by Lo0KaH   2018-09-05 19:03    

@Lagano "load game" is the same as "continue", and "back to garage" appears in the bottom right corner still.

3.   Posted by MikeShinodaSLR   2018-09-06 20:29    

Sweet looking concept, like it! But for my taste it needs bigger ontop icons in the settings menu and main menu icons mouse hover indicator thing like glowing frame or smth

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