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Hello !
Wanna add some cool bots on southern circuit ?
Try this :)

If you got crash or something else just rename and replace by the src ""

1- Download the file and extract the src files in : maps/Addon_maps/Southern_circuit/Scripts/SRC
2- Save car by SC_car1 to SC_car12 (yeah i'm so tired so i've put only 12 bots.)
3- run the map with bots

Tested only on SLRR light edition and with 12 bots it don't crash.

All credits to BB93 because this is his own src i've used.

Some pics you probably already seen

Cars :
1.   Posted by Jehh   2018-07-14 15:34    

Thank you man :D

2.   Posted by Jehh   2018-07-14 16:44    

btw i got it installed and i get this error

!JVM::compileSource: recompilation needed of "maps\Addon_Maps\Southern_Circuit\Scripts\src\" but source not exists
!JVM::compileSource: file not found: "maps\Addon_Maps\Southern_Circuit\Scripts\src\"
!JavaMachine::loadClass: failed to load maps\Addon_Maps\Southern_Circuit\Scripts\Southern_Circuit.class
create: Undefined GameType Constructor! 007F0004 (Script)

so i figured out that the whole map with original scripts doesn't work for my game , but i use LEMWM 2.2.1 wth :facepalm: :facepalm:

3.   Posted by dowdow   2018-07-14 18:22    

Weird, try delete the whole mod and reinstall it by 0

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