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winner will be announced on 10th of January

1.   Posted by markgt   2010-12-19 14:36    

come on peepz..enter the contest!! try and you maybe can win

2.   Posted by Daniel   2010-12-20 19:43    

I shall try do a car when i can :)

3.   Posted by Daniel   2010-12-20 21:36    

there xD

4.   Posted by markgt   2010-12-20 22:17    

allright daniel :D we still need some more peepz to compete

5.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-12-21 16:08    

cool! others should enter too :) i will just so we get the 10+ joined :)

6.   Posted by Daniel   2010-12-21 17:11    

I showed the beetle on other sites aswell where i wrote "Here is my entry for the Christmas Competition on" :) xD

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