Spent a long time trying to find this and I figured I would help anyone else who is also trying to find it.

Download B.O.R.A.T here
Download F.E.R.A.T here

Credit to user 0v9GT.
1.   Posted by doge   2018-07-05 18:07    

what's that?

2.   Posted by Daniel   2018-07-05 19:19    

wtf is F.E.R.A.T?

3.   Posted by SuicidalKittens   2018-07-05 23:17    

@Daniel, It's like BORAT but it's for accessories and stuff instead of engines. Never heard of it before but I figured I would upload it with BORAT since it was in there with it.

4.   Posted by Ov9GT   2018-07-09 11:10    

I want to clarify one thing, I am not the creator of these programs, I just reuploaded them :)

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