Okay, basically, the turbos for this mod are not in the catalog, so I modified the rpk and they work now. Simple fix.
Turbos are located in charging systems, the turbo piping is in pro tuning.
All mod credit goes to oxman99, THIS IS NOT MY MOD, I just fixed it.
1.   Posted by Marìo Alonzo Garcia Duque De Los Perros Lindos   2018-06-21 09:27    

Thank you for reposting it!

2.   Posted by DFRacing98   2018-06-21 16:23    

No problem

3.   Posted by srt-8   2018-06-23 21:04    

hello does not work on my computer this message appears (the file has an unknown format or is damaged)

4.   Posted by polton   2018-06-24 07:32    

loving it, thank you

5.   Posted by DFRacing98   2018-06-25 03:25    

Does not work? describe the problem a bit more, when does the error appear? When you load your save?

6.   Posted by Slakkie99   2018-07-02 11:15    

When extracting WinRAR gives the error: "The file has an unknown format or is damaged" and another from 7Zip: "The File is in an unknown format or is damaged if you downloaded...." I recon you get the point.

7.   Posted by Slakkie99   2018-07-02 11:22    

Never mind, I finally got it extracted using some pure luck. had it on 2 different computers and it finally worked on a 3rd. thnx for all the uploads, you have a fan base in South Africa of all places too.

8.   Posted by Elite commander   2018-07-14 12:36    

Can you put some images of the engine plz

9.   Posted by DFRacing98   2018-07-26 17:47    

Okay, will do.

10.   Posted by DFRacing98   2018-09-05 00:14    


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