On example of Ubuntu 18.04

Step 1: Installing WineHQ

As we know SLRR is a Windows application and Ubuntu is a Linux distribution so we need something to run Windows apps on Linux. WineHQ
To install it follow the install guide. I recommend installing stable version.
TIP: you can either type all the commands in terminal or prepare a bash script

Step 2: Setting up WineHQ

Once it's installed type winecfg to run wine configuration, install missing libraries and make default prefix. It will ask you to install Mono and Gecko. They aren't necessary for SLRR, but they may come handy if you want to use modding tools.

You may also want to check other setting tabs in winecfg window, but you shouldn't need to change any as defaults are OK. Windows version shouldn't make any difference in SLRR.

Step 3: Installing SLRR

Default path of your C:\ drive is /home/USERNAME/.wine/drive_c. Go to that folder and unzip your SLRR here.

If you are using Wine for the first time, set it as default program to open .exe files with Open with other application menu.

And you are basically ready to play. If your game doesn't load/crashes/freezes on black screen go to /SLRR/data/Fmv folder and remove all .avi files


Apart from the videos SLRR works fine. The performance shouldn't be much different than on Windows, or it can be even better due to fact that Wine cannot really force anti aliasing or anisotrophic filtering itself unless the app does support it. So you won't have any AA. Also d3d9.dll mods won't work because such hacks don't work either.
However, if you are forced to use Linux and you don't have anything else to do - feel free to try.

1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2018-05-01 15:28    

That looks good even without AA tbh, though it desperately needs anisotropic filtering of textures >.>

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