A classic gran turismo track now on slrr

imported from asseto corsa.
Is a beta , has some texture and geometry fails but is playable

enjoy it
1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2018-04-05 13:06    

Cool stuff! It so needs shadowmapping though :D

2.   Posted by ccp   2018-04-05 13:11    

Yes but my 3d max dont sems to like that plugin :(

3.   Posted by Nexion   2018-04-05 15:54    

O0O doing a video on it lol

4.   Posted by EXOTI1CSTANCE   2018-04-06 00:27    

Ooh a new track for me to drift on soon will make a vid drifting on it

5.   Posted by doge   2018-04-06 15:22    

looks like shit in slrr, honestly, try making the shadows

6.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2018-04-06 16:21    

You dont need any plugin to make shadowmaps, just have to drop a light in your 3d scene, use all white materials on everything(literally just have to disable all the textures on your materials, you can find plugins that do that for you in one click and re-enable it the same way), not self-illuminated, bake shadowmaps and make max set them automatically in your self-illumination channel(make sure to not have multiple objects with the same material or it'll f* up) and then re-enable the textures.

You dont even need 4k reso maps(as i did sometime), 1024x1024 is more than enough. ;)

7.   Posted by ccp   2018-04-06 18:22    

ok i try to make the sadow maps

8.   Posted by DHR   2018-04-06 18:57    

no mip maps again......

9.   Posted by DROMSTER   2018-04-07 11:08    


10.   Posted by Renaruto   2018-04-07 16:46    

One of my most favourite racing game tracks of all time. Thank you for this.. Soo cool <3

Really needs some fixes like the others said but Im sure you'll get through that :p

11.   Posted by ST3RL1NG   2018-04-11 04:37    

Coo Track CCP!

12.   Posted by BUNTAE85   2018-08-20 19:01    

Damn this is such a beautiful track I just love those deep turns thank you so much for this great work

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