Ford Escort MK-2

Ford Escort MK2 Converted from Dirt By robban_9000

The original and X-pack and more parts models are made by myself. (Robban_9000)

Might have some bugs. Bug reports may be posted in the comments.

Link FOR the 3D FILES, incase u want to edit something :) ; [url] escort mk2 3D.rar[/url]

Some meshes is from FM 3 To!!



1.   Posted by Jake2   2012-08-29 12:34    

Every engine that I try to install , is turned sideways , with that I mean.. that a part of the transmission comes out from the rim .. but the car is awesome.. Thanks :)

2.   Posted by Carlou   2013-09-03 21:51    

broken link :C

3.   Posted by yurisminator   2014-06-22 00:16    


4.   Posted by josip11   2015-03-28 17:48    

Link is dead

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