3 piece tachometer

- support
- tachometer
- shift light

6 different tachometer light glows
- blue
- green
- yellow
- white
- red
- purple

5 different shift light colors
- yellow
- orange
- red
- blue
- green

You need to have Amilmand patch installed, and add the stuff inside AdditionalChassisFunctions.txt to yours Chassis.java (which you may find it in parts\scripts\bodypart\src) and copy all the contend from AdditionalChassisFunctions.txt and paste it inside the Chassis.java right before of the last }.

Special thanks:
LFG for tachometer 3d base, so I was able to modify it.
RedCarDriver for his Analog Speedometer script, which have helped a lot.
Adnan54 for some hints for shift light flares.


1.   Posted by lil...stump   2018-08-13 10:35    

Is this compatible with street-legal racing light Edition if so just message me yes please

2.   Posted by BUNTAE85   2018-08-20 14:42    

Could you give the link to the patch

3.   Posted by Everickspeed   2018-08-22 05:18    

the support bracket installs in the trunk, sometimes its lost , how can i fix that

4.   Posted by CesarMixXxX   2018-08-24 04:07    

How i make movable the support bracket?

5.   Posted by thanaponrj25   2018-09-30 18:22    

why me error install [Street Legal Racing Pre-release IV] can i instail this ?

6.   Posted by Slrr downloads   2018-10-09 21:02    

how to move it?

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