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Doge's House

It's a map with a street, garage and driveway,
(house next to it has also a driveway)
you can change the texture of the driveway if you don't like it
House models are from GTA IV, streets are modeled by me(obviously)
Garage interior is from internet

excuse the riced honda

1.   Posted by palino6666   2018-01-10 14:33    

Awesome map !

2.   Posted by Snowyy   2018-01-10 14:36    

we finally got what we asked for <3

3.   Posted by Lagano   2018-01-10 14:51    

Oh finally :P Thanks mate!

4.   Posted by Crazy Eighty Eight   2018-01-10 17:41    

You got any bot placements on this beaut ?

5.   Posted by doge   2018-01-10 19:28    

nope sadly

6.   Posted by DHR   2018-01-10 19:41    

Good map but why no mip maps on textures? Not hard to do.

7.   Posted by doge   2018-01-10 19:57    

ummm whats that

8.   Posted by Marcuitos15   2018-01-11 00:43    

Nice Riced Honda :RICE:

Veryy goood map!!

9.   Posted by DHR   2018-01-11 02:16    

@doge mip maps is when the texture contains compressed versions of itself in smaller sizes (half less then half less again and so on) which are used for when the texture is looked at from a distance. They make a huge difference in how it looks and eliminate that fuzzy look that the further textures get like they have small dots or noise on them. Here's a pic but it doesn't explain it very well *LINK*

10.   Posted by DHR   2018-01-11 02:16    

They are very easy to create, only a few seconds per single texture.

11.   Posted by doge   2018-01-11 13:04    

ohh i didnt know that.. ill pm u later about it :o

12.   Posted by DHR   2018-01-11 17:25    

pm me if you have any questions

13.   Posted by netuddmeg   2018-01-11 20:53    

not rly interested about the map, but the Civic mods. o.O
Good job anyway :)

14.   Posted by DiamondVortex970   2018-01-13 15:34    

what is this for? :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/

15.   Posted by doge   2018-01-15 16:31    

pics, rp...

16.   Posted by tjcb   2018-01-17 17:31    

hi, where do I install this in the game and how do I access it?

17.   Posted by SLRR Rules   2018-02-07 23:41    

thanks man

18.   Posted by pixi   2019-01-13 18:32    

Wooow i like those number plates :D

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