I'm not the only one who thinks the stock ones suck, right?

G'day, lads!

So this is really nothing too special, just a Quality of Life mod that I felt like could give the game a more realistic touch.

So what is it?
It's a simple texture change that replaces the old, weird-looking used car-textures from the catalog with some smoother-looking ones based on some textures that Mario made ages ago.

Do I need it?
Yes, obviously.

Will this make SLRR run slower or take a lot of resources?

Well, I put different texture sizes into it, so you can choose between performance and looks, but anything above the 512p one won't really make it look much better. If you wanna fry your hardware (given you ain't running the latest high-tech shit), just go for the 2K textures.

You can install these by simply replacing the textures inside the SLRR/cars/textures/factory_colors/Used folder and you should be able to see them ingame. Feel free to use these to replace stock vehicle colors aswell, it should work just fine.

Thanks to Mario for his textures (if he even lives to read this) and to the people who tested these for me.

Hope you enjoy them!

Some 4K screens without ENB:

1.   Posted by Nexion   2018-01-10 10:40    

Thanks Senpai ;)

2.   Posted by Lagano   2018-01-10 14:41    

Nice, that looks way more realistic! It should come in handy for roleplays :D

3.   Posted by Hinata23   2018-01-10 17:12    

That was my main intention actually :D Glad you guys like it :)

4.   Posted by bunster1   2018-04-02 18:04    

you gave me an idea thanks!!!!

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