Just a collection of KeeJay's rimpacks if you're lazy and cba downloading all packs individually.
This is for you, all rimpacks that can be found on Vstanced by KeeJay himself are in this collection.

Edit: Added new packs and updated link to mega.nz
Edit: Added more rims and fixed bug where it was multiple of the same rim in catalog.
Full rim list included in read-me note.
1.   Posted by Alan Smithee   2018-01-04 12:32    

Pics plox

2.   Posted by holeecrab   2018-01-04 16:42    

Who's Keejay

3.   Posted by Hinata23   2018-01-04 17:12    

thought his name was KJ smh

4.   Posted by AndreasKoistinen   2018-01-04 23:14    


5.   Posted by JF1   2018-01-06 18:23    

His name is KeeJay.

He changed it to ALAN, for some reason.

6.   Posted by orhan1997   2018-03-13 23:19    

Thank you very much <3

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