First Mod.

Tempest GT1200

Please read the assembly kit to make the car. Also, what you see in screenshots is just like another normal modified ride in SLRR right? What i did here is something like RUF did to Porsches but what i did here is more to resemble Motorex Blackbird. This is made to used as homologation purposes IF people want to use it for race events. The parts here are rescripted to make unique performance.


Also thank you to the original authors of the parts and cars! Everyone is credited and i gave link to the original mod in the Assembly Instruction. DOWNLOAD IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY
1.   Posted by Hinata23   2017-12-13 01:02    

Am I the only one who doesn't get this?

2.   Posted by ATOM500   2017-12-13 01:09    

Check for Motorex Blackbird in Google.

3.   Posted by Loook185   2018-09-20 22:08    

i love the idea, but the archives are incomplete, in instructions said to put twin tempesta turbos and tempesta cilinder heads, but the mod devil's v8 haven't

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