This is still a beta version!

3D model by Cristian Coronel

Ported to SLRR by Me (CnG)

You can download the old version from HERE

Last update: 19/08/2018
1.   Posted by Alexkiller3   2017-10-13 11:01    

Very good job

2.   Posted by _CnG_   2017-10-13 13:25    

Thank you! Still need to work on psychics and textureing.

3.   Posted by rupemen   2017-10-13 18:52    

nice job

4.   Posted by Vnom   2017-10-18 08:38    

Your cars are amazing dude, hopefully you'll get even better, ill rate 5/5 for your amazing work though!

5.   Posted by _CnG_   2017-10-18 18:05    

Thank you so much!

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