A very autistic aproach to realism in SLRR vol. 2


Well this is a part of a project that I've been working on for ages, and finally, this part is complete (mostly). So, without further ado let me tell you what this offers:
-The theme of this game is Japanese cars from the 1990s (give or take a couple of years), that means it includes cars like the Supra MK5, R32 GT-R, Civic EG6 , RX7 FD, you know, all the 90s good stuff. There are many more games coming with different themes (modern jdm, american muscle, classic cars, old school jdm, race cars, etc.)
-This is sort of a compilation mod, but It's a lot more than that. I used all the existing mods, but I scripted everything so that they would work together and would utilize each other to a maximum. So, for example, if let's say a BMW 540i is supposed to have a 4 liter V8 and OEM BMW rims straight from the dealers, then I script it that it uses the correct engine (Devils v8 in this instance) and rims from maybe a different BMW mod.

-You know what, I'll give the basic procedure how i fix a car:

-Not only the cars are fixed, engines and other parts are scripted to be as realistic as possible, in a similar manner like cars.
-Lots of Japanese cars from the 90s (full list will be included)
-Engines corresponding to the cars
-Working career mode:
-somewhat correct pricing
-working dealers (no VT errors)
-working night races that don't crash (again all fixed VTs) (day races are disabled for stability concerns)
-Cars that have 4WS in real life have 4WS here too (Prelude, 3000GT, R32, Z33). It's primitive, but i think it's a nice detail xd.
-HD traffic and fake racers are replaced with stock ones, because it reduces loading and lag greatly.
-Many many tweaks and fixes i forgot about.

NOTE: this doesn't include many aftermarket rims or other parts, so that you could add them yourself and to decrease file size. However, if you do add more mods and start experiencing crashes I am not responsible for them.

Ok, that's about it, if you check this out be sure to leave a comment, and if you find a bug that i've missed please report it here too. If this shit isn't working for you at all then I'll try my best to fix it.
All mods were found online publicly, so I'm pretty sure I'm not violating any vipka laws or something like that.

Mods with their authors:

BB93_SLRR2015 by Big Boss93

My thread: boi

1.   Posted by Schmelleck   2017-10-08 21:41    

Looks pretty good im gonna try it

2.   Posted by Porsche911man   2017-10-09 16:00    

Wasn't the R34 a 90s car too? 1999 if I'm not mistaken? And the s15 is missing too(Don't want to nitpick. This list still looks impressive)

3.   Posted by miegalius   2017-10-09 16:09    

You are absolutely correct, however, if would have put them here, this would mean that all the Skyline GTRs and all the Silvias would be in this version, and none of them would be left for the modern JDM game. Know what i mean? :D. Now that I think of it, I could've just used them in both games lol

4.   Posted by Jfernando1   2017-10-09 20:11    

Looks great. Good work.

5.   Posted by UltimateStance   2017-10-10 17:32    

>sees BB's Supra in the car list
>image url machine broke

6.   Posted by EliasFD3S   2017-10-12 16:22    

Very nice work

7.   Posted by Outlaw_Racer   2017-10-13 19:09    

su euro 90-ųjų nenuvylei;)
žesim kas čia per daiktas:D

8.   Posted by konaworld12   2017-10-14 18:06    

[cool slrr mod never seen before] a little bit slow on my pc (dual-core ssd dd2 1gb memvid ) i start with the MX-5 handling very cool, lot of stuff. i try the nissan s13 K' for the fist time i keep the car stock(just up turbo a bit) :o and so much fun some bug (like when you click >body kit or suspension kit in shop menu)and dont like the 2JZsound or rb26 limiter when you don't have turbo. thanks you very much for this mod. <3

9.   Posted by kasa3211   2017-10-31 06:54    

What do you think about making 60s-70s muscle cars edition. Now it'll be complete :)

10.   Posted by Raidoactivebleach   2017-11-03 05:53    

Best SlRR out there

11.   Posted by Raidoactivebleach   2017-11-03 05:53    

Best SlRR out there

12.   Posted by Mr.Nexus   2017-12-01 16:45    

crash's when painting cars? anyone else have this problem,havent added any mods before anyone asks

13.   Posted by slrrthai   2017-12-10 08:02    

link error

14.   Posted by slrrthai   2017-12-10 08:04    

PLZ upload new link

15.   Posted by beew01   2017-12-10 10:37    


16.   Posted by vargmane24   2017-12-17 11:16    

link don´t work :(

17.   Posted by StateOfGamers911   2017-12-22 16:29    

link plz :(

18.   Posted by Brane   2017-12-27 11:56    

link is down

19.   Posted by Pedrim   2017-12-27 16:46    

The link is not working. please arrange!

20.   Posted by ScR   2017-12-27 18:51    

Please link fix!!!! How we downloaded game, when link is broaken?

21.   Posted by Timon370   2017-12-28 04:45    

This thing is PERFECT!!! Link is down of course... its always down.

22.   Posted by Brane   2017-12-29 11:01    

link is fixed!!!

23.   Posted by miegalius   2017-12-30 12:47    

Link is finally fixed my dudes. Sorry for the hold up

24.   Posted by BOODY   2018-01-06 21:43    

pls reply asap
so i thought it was a good idea to merge euro 90s and jdm90s together and my game crashes on startup

25.   Posted by miegalius   2018-01-21 10:47    

@BOODY yeah that's not a good idea, they are separate for a reason. Undo that shit

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