This simple script edit removes the 1st day used dealer set of 2 einvagens and 2 duhens so you can start the game with any car you would like. This is quite useful for when you add modded vehicles to the game and don't want to have to start with the in-game vehicles and/or have removed them from the game entirely.

The image above shows what I found on my first day in a new career


Installation: Navigate to your root folder (the one where StreetLegal_Redline.exe is) and drop the sl folder from the archive into it.

Sources: I have included the source file so new modders can begin to learn how to edit .java files and modify the game and to add new features

This is my first mod ever for any game so please only constructive critisism :)


1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2017-09-09 21:22    

That's basically exaclty what i did with my slrr? lol

2.   Posted by JF1   2017-09-09 21:30    

It is basically the same, but good work. Maybe an undeveloped feature next though?

3.   Posted by BlueEyedCookie   2017-09-10 09:15    

Apologies for the confusion :/ I meant to say this is meant for 2.2.1 MWM rather than BB93's SLRR. I only use MWM rather than BB93 so I didn't know that this was a feature. Thanks, Jfernando, I would love to develop new features but I'm not that great at java yet. I'm gonna see what else I can make though.

4.   Posted by aangelo63   2017-09-10 17:23    

link gone

5.   Posted by Naftaa!   2017-09-12 11:13    

Cool and useful script, thanks!

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