NA8C Sounds for playing

Hi guys, some week ago i was lookingfor a good sound of the NA8C engine and i didn't found what i want.

So i decided to work on this and then share with the community.

This New mod is the NA8C with stock block and forged block so he got 2 new sounds.

I didn't work on other sounds like turbo or compressor, Maybe Later.

Video :


Enjoy and stay tuned

1.   Posted by JF1   2017-09-03 13:58    

BrapTeam lives on. Good work, dowdow.

2.   Posted by dowdow   2017-09-03 16:58    

Thanks a lot bro :)

3.   Posted by Hollowshooter   2017-09-07 00:03    

Is that tyler fiako's miata?

4.   Posted by Hollowshooter   2017-09-07 05:44    

Where do the custom engine sounds folder go?

5.   Posted by dowdow   2017-09-13 22:31    

you must copy all files in engine folder

Yee it's fialko's

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