Hi guys,

I've ported some google sketchup models into slrr. This is my first Mod.. So yeah, this is an alpha version.
These cars are not paintable yet and still need to reposition somethings
Thanks for help to Fireful0 and _Dave!!!

1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2017-08-07 14:42    

They look to be all original models from Mafia 2, that pickup on the bottom was the first car i ever tried to convert to sl(and eventually ended letting JoeAlex do it for me lol), havent tried it yet but well done anyways, it's always nice seeing new people that tries to make mods for this old game :D

2.   Posted by Lagano   2017-08-07 15:36    

These models look pretty good, you can make a nice mod eventually! :)

3.   Posted by _CnG_   2017-08-10 14:30    

Thanks guys! I'm working on it, update coming soon

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