Some old mod from me

This is old mod from me. So dont expect much :D I made only the roof rack. I made this long time ago so i dont remember, if tose wheel / tyres were free models or i take work from another modeler. If you recognize the model and you are the modeler or you know who made it type it. I will apologize and put another name in description :)

Its made for Nissan S13, but you can put that on every car :) You will need one slot for wing to put this on a car :)
Nothing is paintable, nothing has any textures, so dont hate about that :D Its old model.

1.   Posted by tyretear   2017-06-11 16:41    

if you can share the .max file, I cna change up rims or add more rims

2.   Posted by Megav0us   2017-06-15 12:37    

Thanks but its ok :) This is just old model :) Iam working on new roofrack mod with my rims :)

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