Real Dyno page and new nitro script which shows added power by nitro in hp(No more questions about how many hps I'm injecting on the engine with 360 lbs/h).
HP calcutation has been fixed, showing now the real hp taking in consideration torque and max hp rpm!(The real hp calculation)

Defiant - Dyno graph image and beta testing
TKF - Beta testing
Silva92 - Beta testing


How to install: Just extract the folders in the .rar to your game folder.

For the ones with problems with seeing dyno graph numbers and text Click here!
1.   Posted by JF1   2017-04-11 07:40    

Great Work Gorgoil.

2.   Posted by Megav0us   2017-04-11 10:23    

Yeah awesome *fix* :)

3.   Posted by gorgoil   2017-04-11 12:57    

For the ones who downloaded the "fix" for invisible text and number download again, link has been fixed!

4.   Posted by gorgoil   2017-04-11 16:04    


5.   Posted by hitman3695   2017-05-16 16:12    

How to change to Nm from ft-lbs? please help thanks

6.   Posted by lildemon   2018-07-17 15:19    


7.   Posted by ALexOrigin   2018-07-18 17:51    

I installed it and it does't show the swhite sheet background, it keeps the same background, but everything is out of place.
also, can't download the fix.

8.   Posted by pogiakomeme   2018-10-06 05:12    

How to inject more hp?

9.   Posted by SzybkiMarek   2018-12-31 14:30    

Why is injection locked on 299hp?

10.   Posted by jiz0   2019-01-03 09:49    

fix link is broken again.

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