you have been warned

Is highly suggested download VStanced HD plates to fully enjoy this mod.


- Stock colors from catalog/dealership
- Color palette for BB93 SLRR2015 (colors code from Forza Horizon db file)
- Rims
- Brakes
- 3D tires
- Correct prices
- Correct weights
- Kits in catalog
- Tons of aftermarket parts
- Custom flares/glows
- Custom reflections for all materials (you can change/remove if you dont like)
- Custom cameras
- Custom physics
- Good handling
- Some extras in "textures" folder (such as stock colors, uvw mappings, etc..)
- Compatible with VStanced HD Plates
- Compatible with SLRR 2.3.1
- Much more
Body kits:

Nismo Ztune body kit
Nismo body kit
Tommy Kaira body kit
Mine's body kit
ABFlug body kit
Top Secret body kit
Uras GT body kit
BN Sports body kit
Veilside body kit
C West body kit
DoLuck body kit
Bomex body kit
Jun body kit
Rocket Bunny body kit
BRC body kit
R34 GTS/sedan front bumper

Front swaps:

R32 front swap
R33 front swap
R35 front swap
Z33 front swap
Z34 front swap
S13 front swap (RPS13 & PS13)
S14 front swap (Zenki & Kouki)
S15 front swap
Supra front swap
M3 E46 front swap
E190 front swap
S2000 front swap
EVO VIII front swap
EVO X front swap
Mustang front swap (2013)


VSpec 1999
VSpecII 2002
VSpecII 2002 (LHD)
MSpec 2002
NurSpec 2002
Tommmy Kaira 2002
Mine's 2002
Nismo ZTune 2003
Midnight Purple II 2002
JGTC 2003 (Calsonic)
JGTC 2003 (Xanavi)
a custom by me

Tons of parts (fenders, spoilers, mirrors, seats, steering wheels, exhausts, rims, lights, etc etc etc)

500+ parts


Forza Horizon/Motorsport, The Crew, Juiced2: Models and textures
Anderson Oliveira: A lot of help with bodykits and other parts
Keejay, Doge, Harrison15, Phonexius: Beta testing and help with some parts
Robustock: screenshot
Bigg Boss93: 3D tire and battery

Hope you enjoy it :D


you have been warned
1.   Posted by ALAN   2017-04-01 09:24    

2.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2017-04-01 09:32    

That's insane :O

3.   Posted by filippalfi   2017-04-01 10:40    

Im having a problem with this mod,cant add any engine with slrr editor,keep getting the same error,cfg file already in use. Any solutions to this?

4.   Posted by DROMSTER   2017-04-01 12:06    


5.   Posted by Jfernando1   2017-04-01 12:31    


6.   Posted by Alexkiller3   2017-04-01 12:32    

Why it didn't gave me the link the mod and it gave me a trolol thing?

7.   Posted by Alexkiller3   2017-04-01 12:36    

Is this mod exist or not.Will the mod be uploaded because this is mod.

8.   Posted by doge   2017-04-01 13:43    


9.   Posted by BLiTZ   2017-04-01 14:07    

ayy lmao gr8 joke m8

10.   Posted by outrider   2017-04-01 14:12    

It's too good to be true

11.   Posted by Soju   2017-04-01 14:15    

ayy lmao

12.   Posted by outrider   2017-04-01 14:15    

Mustang front end swap :)) :))

13.   Posted by tyciuu98   2017-04-01 14:42    

Nice troll bro :hanging:

14.   Posted by Porsche911man   2017-04-01 16:57    

Lol of course it had to be a skyline joke on april fools :ahole: :))

15.   Posted by Alexkiller3   2017-04-01 17:18    

So no real skyline mod.

16.   Posted by Porsche911man   2017-04-01 18:43    

It'll be one sorta soon from the way this is looking, but for now no.

17.   Posted by Alexkiller3   2017-04-01 18:48    

ok.I can wait.

18.   Posted by joleranger   2017-04-01 19:40    

19.   Posted by UltimateStance   2017-04-01 20:06    

well f**k. you got me there.

20.   Posted by coolcat2014   2017-04-01 20:17    

nice joke there man XD, i so wanted this car cuz im a huge fan of the R34 GTR XD

21.   Posted by Abrantes   2017-04-01 22:33    

!JVM::compileSource: recompilation needed of "cars\racers\NIS_SkylineGTRVSpecII_02_data\scripts\src\" but source not exists
!JVM::compileSource: file not found: "cars\racers\NIS_SkylineGTRVSpecII_02_data\scripts\src\"
!JavaMachine::loadClass: failed to load cars\racers\NIS_SkylineGTRVSpecII_02_data\scripts\SkylineGTR_VT.class
create: Undefined GameType Constructor! 0063915F (SkylineGTR_VT)

22.   Posted by Abrantes   2017-04-01 22:33    


23.   Posted by Riced Hyundai   2017-04-02 00:17    

Now that is an asshole move there mate.

24.   Posted by jaheim   2017-04-02 01:07    

Y its not funny dude

25.   Posted by Jfernando1   2017-04-02 07:27    

Riced Hyundai:
Now that is an asshole move there mate.

Y its not funny dude

It was an April fools.

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