New S13!

1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2017-03-31 12:43    


PS: Anyone pm me if this is something that shouldnt be here

2.   Posted by OwnzzGames   2017-03-31 14:08    

This is supposed to be in Downloads/Street Legal Racing Rdeline/Cars

3.   Posted by 3StyleLTU   2017-03-31 17:30    

pic, descriptions?

4.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2017-03-31 20:55    

Lol i didnt mean that way but yeah, i moved it. I'm rather questioning if it has to be released or not(if it's leaked i'm going to remove it)

5.   Posted by doge   2017-03-31 22:04    

its just some old shitty s13 mod, i wouldn't approve this, we're not cockzona

6.   Posted by UltimateStance   2017-04-02 08:23    

Should this be taken down? It just looks like an old S13 there used to be like doge said.
It doesn't look like this guy's work, correct me if I'm wrong.

7.   Posted by Automotive Gaming   2017-04-03 03:07    

delet dis

8.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2017-04-03 11:47    

Is it something we do already have in the download section? If not, there's no reason to delete it.

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