Mod converted from GTA by guardo from Polish Modders Crew.
Vento has few addons like EU/US versions of bumpers, many kinds of lights or two types of interior.
Mod is scalled well, so you don't have problem while putting on 16" wheels.
Enjoy using it.

1.   Posted by Jehh   2017-03-19 14:59    

cool (y) :D

2.   Posted by polton   2017-03-20 20:49    

good job,thanks

3.   Posted by palino6666   2017-03-21 16:28    

Great mod! Please make the MK3 Golf 5-door

4.   Posted by joaovitorss   2017-03-23 01:20    

Perfect model and excellent conversion ...
I have a tip for a future version ... if you could add pieces of golf mk3 would be very cool too.
Also if you need some help you can talk to me in private, I also do conversions

5.   Posted by mario182   2017-03-23 11:24    

finally <3 thanx

6.   Posted by StratoWolf   2017-03-26 12:11    



7.   Posted by SilviaS15Lover   2017-04-07 14:26    

The lights and body parts of the Vento appear in every single car for me. Fix it plz ><

8.   Posted by StratoWolf   2017-09-19 19:42    

There is a bug with the catalog and it's really annoying

Other than that good mod

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