so got leaked, again, thanks to Bad Taste guys on the 3 leakeds, sorry to many guys because trust on me for stay private(3d parts) and have many many authors
1.   Posted by ALAN   2017-01-08 16:45    

Nice wheels on that S13 ;)

On a serious note - that's why you just don't do private mods.

Also, what's cut?

2.   Posted by thyago95   2017-01-08 16:54    

ye i know, one mod private and got leaked what i can say, only stay private because of the 3d parts are private
jonnhy bravo, cate, benjamin, basicly bad taste team

3.   Posted by cate   2017-01-08 17:15    

Call translater please hahahaha... ur guys fcked up tiago... just accept that ;)

4.   Posted by thyago95   2017-01-08 17:20    

you are so mad so you have to coment everthing? :/ is suppose i are mad not you

5.   Posted by cate   2017-01-08 17:23    

Hahahahahahahahaha my mod is not leaked... thats your mod :D or im the leaker like you said hahahaha

6.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2017-01-08 17:25    

C'mon girls, stop being assholes to eachother. This kind of thing is what is killing our community.

7.   Posted by cate   2017-01-08 17:42    

No boss! He is accusing other for leaking his stuff. So he must stop

8.   Posted by thyago95   2017-01-08 18:11    

i only say what i know and i see :) but is done, is relesead i dont care more

9.   Posted by UltimateStance   2017-01-08 18:28    

WTF, double the filesize in less than a year?

Other than that though, same liking as all S-chassis Nissans... :drool2:

10.   Posted by Daniel   2017-01-08 19:55    

A person who was very active in the whole leaking/trading mods "scene" on VK is now complaining that his own mods got leaked.


11.   Posted by doge   2017-01-08 22:01    

daniel i love you for that comment :)) lmao

12.   Posted by ALAN   2017-01-08 22:08    

Indeed. Comment on the year? :))

13.   Posted by cate   2017-01-09 14:06    

For sure KJ

14.   Posted by thyago95   2017-01-09 16:25    

i agree too only i dont are mad, but is better of use fake fb acounts for leaked stuff dont it is cate? :))

15.   Posted by Daniel   2017-01-09 16:55    


16.   Posted by UltimateStance   2017-01-09 17:05    

Also, what's cut?
Lost the Odyvia and some different kits afaik, and the needles are not adjusted compared to the original mod, and the glows have been hidden in various places for some stupid reason.

Anyone like you (or me) could just rip those parts from the previous 'release' here and put them back. Not that hard if you know what you're doing.

Other than that, almost double the parts list!

17.   Posted by thyago95   2017-01-09 17:14    

Odyvia only i think but i have plans for that and more front swaps, only the rhd chassi dont all perfect, ye i have to fix that
ye is easy
cate use a fake acount for leaked some mods

18.   Posted by UltimateStance   2017-01-09 19:03    

cate- :ban:

19.   Posted by ALAN   2017-01-09 19:14    

Can you just stop?

20.   Posted by David_2709   2017-01-10 00:10    

Jesus some people like to stick their noses in everything even if they haven't participated in nothing. Just let them do what they want.

21.   Posted by Johny_Bravo   2017-01-10 19:50    

Ey, Fake FB account was from and out Bad Taste guys and his name starts with W, you don't know a shit about what happend and keep putting your finger up on people's face, just shut the fuck up.

22.   Posted by nojokur   2017-01-10 20:26    

what engine do I use??? :/

23.   Posted by thyago95   2017-01-10 20:37    

so cake dont is on bt? :) yes, he have like a few fake acounts, even vk acounts so ye and benjamin from the first leaked dont are on bt? :)

24.   Posted by thyago95   2017-01-10 20:57    


25.   Posted by ShadowTuner   2017-01-11 02:06    

i couldn't care less on who leaked what, it's one fucking sexy mod!

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