Best you can get with that shitty gpu

If you have intel HD GPU, this might help you, it helped me :)
This is originally enb by Astapka, but i've tweaked a bit to get it to look best as i can
since you can't force much AA on this gpu, enjoy
It can look really good with a bit of photoshop

SHIFT + F10 = AO

1.   Posted by cate   2017-01-07 11:03    

Like it :D

2.   Posted by 3StyleLTU   2017-01-07 13:02    

work with radeon? :D

3.   Posted by doge   2017-01-07 13:30    

hmm i don't know, it should

4.   Posted by Mikingo   2017-01-07 14:44    

Thanks,some people will use it ! :D

5.   Posted by outrider   2017-01-07 15:39    

whole screen goes blurry from the AA. AO is nice though, thanks for upload

6.   Posted by doge   2017-01-07 16:18    

^^ hmm what gpu do u have?

7.   Posted by outrider   2017-01-07 16:40    

intel hd but i edited my pics in lightroom and it looks good now. what i mean is that it doesnt look sharp

8.   Posted by doge   2017-01-07 17:31    

yea, its as i said in readme, it gets kinda blurry because once when there are edges that cant get fixed with AA that kind of blur fixes it, but makes it blurry a bit, i don't mind it tho :D

9.   Posted by x7928311   2017-01-17 14:04    


10.   Posted by klucifers   2017-01-29 10:48    

Good job, i love it.

11.   Posted by ZeprarexVII   2017-02-05 03:20    

my car ends up partly transparent.......

12.   Posted by low_rider   2017-04-02 06:47    

i have intel hd graphics and it doesnt even run smooth lmao

13.   Posted by hugap   2017-05-04 04:25    

nice TY! :bananajump:

14.   Posted by doge   2017-06-22 21:46    

It runs like shit, but looks better

15.   Posted by kylekillerpalmer   2017-08-08 01:54    

Why is mine not coming on ?

16.   Posted by hugap   2017-10-21 01:09    

fuck not working

17.   Posted by pixelgalaxy   2018-01-13 04:56    

the ambient occlusion doesn't even come on when i press shift+o. help?

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