Have you ever worked in N++ and thought Damn, it's all black and white, my eyes hurt.
With this plug-in it won't happen anymore! Now every element of code is highlighted with unique colour and font format.

Open up Notepad++, go to Language tab, select Define your language..., import file you've downloaded, restart N++, go to Language tab again, select SLRR RPK - it's on the bottom of list - and voilĂ . Now you can write .rdbs like a pro
1.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2016-08-23 22:50    

Ooh, thank you for this. I'll have to start using it.

2.   Posted by UltimateStance   2016-08-25 11:20    


3.   Posted by bitelaserkhalif   2017-03-21 05:28    

*Clicks* Noice. thank you!!

4.   Posted by BlueEyedCookie   2017-08-22 19:35    

I was only just thinking, man I hope someones made a .rdb plugin for Notepad++! Thank you so much :woot:

Is there any way to make it automatically enable when I open an .rdb file?

5.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2018-02-07 15:05    

Yeah, just update the extension to rdb (was .rdb) in define your language menu

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