Volkswagen Corrado BETA

Vw corrado for 2.2.1 MWM_BETA_ALPHA_DELTA

there are a few bugs, every parts has a centered pivot. didnt edit the phys meshes.

-new OSD gauge (vw corrado)
-2 different chassis (1 matte, and 1 normal)
-there are some tuning parts for the normal, and the matte chassis.
-(2 sideskirts, 3 front bumper, 3 rear bumper. carbon hood, carbon grill, stock
and paintable parts.
-there is my 16" stock rim, with tire
-javas are done
-light glows are done
-and you can buy full vehicles at the catalog

Hope you like it
1.   Posted by harb   2010-10-06 15:28    

MAN U R GOD!!! thx a lot for this rado :awesome:

2.   Posted by Jaziba   2010-10-06 20:44    

wow god? there are alot of mods better then this. not to be negative about this mod, just sayin'

3.   Posted by harb   2010-10-07 07:13    

i say so cos this is VW corrado, i love this car so much, and i was looking for a long time and could not finde :)

4.   Posted by W0lF   2012-04-29 17:48    

when do you do a g40? seriously this car seems lock below the 3000 rpm :( BIG PROBLEM

5.   Posted by W0lF   2012-04-29 17:48    

sorry for bad English

6.   Posted by radu_cainamisir   2012-09-05 11:09    

cool man!

7.   Posted by djmanosm   2012-10-17 19:59    

thanks bro

8.   Posted by Ogre   2013-03-21 10:04    

Had the opportunity to work on a real one, mount engine on it, different parts, lot of work, with a buddy of mine, than we drove it, raced it >> AWESOME ride ! Havin' this mod now virtually is an honnor ! Respect to you man ! I say > AWEsome mod :awesome:

9.   Posted by TheOGMara   2014-08-05 23:20    

Thank you for this :) Reminded me of my dads old one :D

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