A drift bash bar pack

Update 1.1:
-smoother lines to make it look cleaner
-new material and texture to make it look more realistic
- changed some minor stuff to make some better connections

1.   Posted by EXOTI1CSTANCE   2016-05-21 07:11    

Hi it's me from YouTube and one thing to tell ya is that I love these mods pretty basic and stuff I want to tell you how do you do these kind of mods cause I want to make a benen tow hook might do zmodeler shit but man your mods I love them hope you got my present which is an SR20 I know one thing it is not configured to be BB93SLRR so only the engine kit will be there but not the engine parts hope you fix it and probably release it to the public I'll also release some RS055R rims that I made copying a model from s-tuner but sadly won't be paintable and some Work Vienna Kreiss they aren't mine but I'll give it to the public cause there rims that are supposed to be in Modzona but it isn't in Modzona

2.   Posted by EXOTI1CSTANCE   2016-05-21 07:15    

Also if you try to replicate the rear bash bar that I see nowadays that has a triangle in the middle then goes to a straight line and there it's pretty much if I'm correct it is the drift armor rear bash bar

3.   Posted by IMtheREALionKING   2016-05-23 23:20    

Love it! thanks! Been needing something like this!

4.   Posted by tomaukz   2016-08-27 17:26    

Nice S-Tuner parts

5.   Posted by FreshupGaming   2017-04-20 01:27    

Any idea why when i put on the rear bash bar i cant put in a drivers seat?

6.   Posted by Megav0us   2017-06-08 17:39    

It looks really nice :) Keep up the good work :) (y)

7.   Posted by casititas   2017-06-13 06:02    

Nice work men! :thumbsup:

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