samples from Juiced 1


Hello, I started to make a sound for RB26 engine mod( *LINK* ) and i decided to upload here with almost completed state. (won't complete due to my laziness tho)
For installing , just put those files in the zip to the Nissan_Engine_Pack folder.

Here is the preview.
1.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2016-03-13 23:57    

Nice! This kind of sounds like the one I made for myself a while ago, only more complete. How did you get the other RPM sounds? (If you did, anyway.)

2.   Posted by adnan54   2016-03-14 00:39    


3.   Posted by Ey papa   2016-03-14 00:43    

Sound Great

4.   Posted by 11000rpm   2016-03-14 04:15    

Thanks, I adjusted the pitch of one sample with Audacity and replaced each other into another rpm sounds

5.   Posted by Lagano   2016-03-14 15:31    

Nice work, i don't remember that Juiced sounds so good. :D

6.   Posted by GalaxyJLK   2017-02-19 04:48    

not work for me

7.   Posted by Gustavodantinho   2017-03-12 12:32    

how i install this sounds? my 2jz sounds folder are different.

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