I'm tired seeing those Endless, Brembo and Wilwood all the time. Since this is the best brake pack available so far, I decided to switch their manufacturers.

Brembo = JBT:

Wilwood = VTTR Racing:

Above are Taiwanese racing parts developers, if anyone feels curious.

Endless = Project μ (Six-piston and four-piston on the same model? Meh.)

Install: Put contents inside the archive into "BB93_SLRR2015\parts\CMS_Brakes\textures"
Select Yes when prompting overwrite, but BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL TEXTURES!

Download is for VStanced gangsters only :))

1.   Posted by FJ   2015-08-20 22:01    

If the mod has javas,you can do script mod to change the names ingame

2.   Posted by Unseen.   2015-08-21 16:31    

Yeah I know, but feel lazy to do it. XD

3.   Posted by thor-04   2015-08-27 00:33    

If they were stand-alone it would be 9x better :D

4.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2015-09-08 21:25    

You mind if I use your Project Mu textures in a mod where these aren't replacements? (I'm going to make Baer copies of the Wilwood calipers, and AP Racing copies of the Brembo calipers.)

5.   Posted by edi07kehed   2016-01-21 10:39    

how to add a double caliper for one disc brake? must i edit the script? if yes, what i must change?

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