The ENB Series alternative

SweetFX is another ENB Series alike modification, which has to change graphics of games. Yet it's more focused on post-processing itself, like for example vignetting, bloom, cartoon-like edge painting or anti-alliasing (both SMAA and FXAA - they are worse than the driver forced ones, but what if you can't force AA by driver?) and many more.
Works on most of DirectX 9, 10 and 11 games.

1.   Posted by PXRZ   2015-08-09 00:01    

So will this solve the jagged edges without having to change a hell of a lot?

2.   Posted by Unibob   2015-08-09 01:28    

Just open SweetFX_Settings.txt in the SweetFX folder and set SMAA and/or FXAA to 1.

Dither is also a nice option, it removes most banding artifacts from soft gradients, like the sky in the top right of the pictures, for example.

Also, KeeJay, you should add DX8 as a supported api ;^)

3.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-08-09 08:26    

@Unibob - it's not my work, and as far I know, there's no support for DX8 games, since it's simply too old.

4.   Posted by Unibob   2015-08-09 09:40    

I know it's not yours, I guess I formatted my request badly.

Also, does anyone have any idea if it would be possible to reverse-engineer the exe to make it spit out a working depth buffer? It saddens me that I can't use AO or DoF :<

5.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-08-09 11:09    

I don't think so. It's probably possible, but it'll require lots of work.

6.   Posted by PXRZ   2015-08-09 20:22    


7.   Posted by PXRZ   2015-08-09 20:40    

My game seems to have stopped working. How do I avoid this error and what does it mean?

*uses this tool onto StreetLegal.exe*

*the program tells it worked successfully*

*starts the game afterwards*

*achieves the "SL1 has stopped working" window*

"The program could not be initiated correctly (0xc00000fd). Click on OK to close the program"

*achieves the "SL1 has stopped working" window again*

8.   Posted by Coprone   2015-08-09 21:16    

Are you sure you're trying to play SLRR? XD

9.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-08-10 08:05    

Yeah, the SL1 part is weird. I guess you have Windows 7 as most of users here. The 0xc00000fd happens when you got some broken application or system misconfiguration. Try running the tool as administrator, and install it selecting the SLRR's .exe.
Pay attention at the bottom bar of installer - does it check DIrect3D 9?

Also - do you have latest DirectX 9 runtime?

10.   Posted by PXRZ   2015-08-10 11:33    

I must have wrote something wrong here, I meant SL2, not SL1 but to run the SweetFX program as administrator for the SLRR game to work might explain it.

I find this comparable to just as how it works with SLREditor: If you want the program (SLRR) in order to work properly, run in administrator mode at SLREditor or else you might need to replace that car/those cars you changed at without running in admin mode.

11.   Posted by PXRZ   2015-08-10 11:50    

EDIT: same thing happens with admin mode too. :(

12.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-08-11 15:19    

It seems you are one of the persons, that SweetFX hate. Have you tried installing it on any other game?

13.   Posted by PXRZ   2015-08-11 19:33    

Other than SLRR? No, but must the game be untouch from any changes (screen resolution) before using this?

14.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-08-12 10:36    

Nah, it's simple injector. Will run on everything.

15.   Posted by PXRZ   2015-08-12 20:27    

Any updates for this toll?

16.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-08-14 08:22    

Not yet. It's latest version.

17.   Posted by SLRR Rules   2017-05-19 02:45    

One of the best ENB I ever used, using it for like a year now.

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