Suicide Drifters R32 with fixes

This is a Nissan Skyline R32 made by CTPEJIOK and Suicide Drifters Team with some fixes made by our boss Bigg Boss93. It has a strippable interior and some custom parts like Skyline R34 and 240SX front swaps. I didn't take credits on everything, I'm only uploading.
1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2015-08-02 12:42    

Thanks for making the page, i didnt even know who made it or anything :v

2.   Posted by Supremen96   2015-08-02 13:31    

No problem boss ;)

3.   Posted by BLiTZ   2015-08-02 14:04    

But those modzona pics doe...

4.   Posted by JulianDRod   2015-08-02 14:40    

hey guys
slammed the bnr32 and the chassis rails sit lower than the entire car body wise?
please fix

5.   Posted by ajikhero   2015-08-03 15:27    

if i give suggestion add spoiler rocket buuny

6.   Posted by zach_sky_walker   2015-08-06 12:05    

i agree, we need more rocket bunny parts for cars in this game. liberty walk too

7.   Posted by zach_sky_walker   2015-08-06 12:08    

would be cool

8.   Posted by Unseen.   2015-08-14 16:12    

That thing is called "duck tail" you fags... much Rocket Bunny, wow.

9.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-08-29 19:04    

And that mod is simply uploaded here, w/o (probably) author knowing that it is here. Nobody will listen to your requests/ideas, you fags...

10.   Posted by Decam   2015-12-15 12:22    

where to install scripts of the car?

11.   Posted by butre   2016-09-27 01:48    

almost a good mod, except I can't open it in slrreditor so I can't put any engines in it

12.   Posted by tombaddog   2016-10-21 13:07    


13.   Posted by THXFORURAWESOMEMODS   2016-11-11 05:12    


14.   Posted by ayhan   2017-02-07 17:18    


15.   Posted by StratoWolf   2017-10-21 18:39    

Csn't say if it's crudely done or not...

The doors open weirdly that's for sure

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