Don't mistake with making all engines work with a car.

Making engine work with all cars is pretty simple, at least when you know how. I don't, but I found out how did BiggBoss93 done it.

First, you need to decode engine's .rpk file.
Then, in header of the .rdb file:

<FILE external_links >



after the cars\racers\ line. Save, convert to .rpk.

After the .rpk part, now you need to edit block's cfg. Open block's cfg file and add:

compatible 0x0007007E 1;
compatible 0x0007007F 1;
compatible 0x00070052 1;
compatible 0x00070041 1;
compatible 0x00060001 17;
compatible 0x0006000A 17;
compatible 0x0006003F 17;
compatible 0x0008008F 98;
compatible 0x0008009B 98;
compatible 0x0008000A 98;
compatible 0x000800D2 98;
compatible 0x0008004F 46;
compatible 0x000800DF 99;
compatible 0x000800F9 99;
compatible 0x00080041 98;

after the slot line commonly with ID (the last digit before comment) 1 (or 2, or 3, like on BB's LS3 or 99 like on CA18DE) - with ; engine_block_OUT comment.

Note that these numbers 0x0006XXXX, 0x0007XXXX and 0x0008XXXX tell the game order of packages in external_links section, so if you have more or less than shown in the example, then you'll also have to change the numbers to corresponding ones, e.g. to 0007, 0008 and 0009 when your external_links list had one more entry.

Now, the engine should be compatible with all cars (or most of cars).
1.   Posted by qevin   2015-07-20 21:48    

thanks for the tutorial :)

2.   Posted by LeweMan24   2016-01-28 19:49    

it isn't working for me :/

3.   Posted by LeweMan24   2016-01-28 20:10    

nvm! Solved the problem, works perfectly :D

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