Coprone's ENB version 2

Uhh, last time I had a lot text about my ENB config... This will be a lot shorter message now. It's second version of my ENB, also with SMAA but not anymore with that badly scripted depth of field blur effect. Some sentences for peeps who don't know yet - This ENB has palette which gives a bit darker & purpish screen, nice soft & not very dark ambient occlusion/shadowing, & SMAA (Super Mario Anti Alias) that gives you AA effect. It may not be perfect AA, but better than nothing.

1.   Posted by Andrew96   2015-06-23 06:50    

nice :awesome:

2.   Posted by Ryancooper   2015-06-24 19:04    

I've just downloaded it but my game seems a little "blurred", there's any way of fix it? Good job BTW.

3.   Posted by Crook   2015-07-08 16:03    

Super Mario Anti Alias hahahahah

4.   Posted by JuanPablo-Cl   2015-07-21 19:03    

how i activate it?

5.   Posted by Unseen.   2015-07-27 09:55    


6.   Posted by Bravo   2015-08-22 15:32    

Thanks :)

7.   Posted by tmartens88   2015-11-26 20:41    

Do I have any change in what menu ????

8.   Posted by mazvydas123   2016-01-05 02:45    

This + Good Sweet FX + Texture mod + radeon antialias and anisotrophic overwrite + envmaps > Nfs 2015. Best enb so far

9.   Posted by DOHC   2016-03-25 05:00    


10.   Posted by DeathxCon   2016-08-26 18:26    

Sorry to sound like a noob but how do you download enb? I have a sexy enb but cant figure?

11.   Posted by tiagoa4   2018-05-23 03:54    


12.   Posted by Deadmeat   2019-02-21 14:51    

S14 mod link? I'm sorry. its irrelevant to this ENB thing but do you know where i can the s14?

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