New Skys and Lightning

Hi there, I'm here to share with you this mod made by me and Lexotic08
This mod changes for complete your sky and their respective lightning.
Extrack the rar to your game folder, this mod contains sources.
If you Upload this on other sites give me Credits for this Mod

Some Prints:

Thanks to Lexotic08 for creating some skydomes
ENVMaps from 2.2.1 vanilla
Scripted by me
1.   Posted by ThaGhost   2015-06-26 04:46    

Please rename them? I can't figure out the order much.

2.   Posted by ThaGhost   2015-09-04 19:02    

Nevermind, but nightime doesn't work.

3.   Posted by qevin   2016-03-31 18:24    

Do you mind uploading on Mediafire or Dropbox?

4.   Posted by itsLight   2016-06-19 19:02    

Night doesn't work, everything else works fine.

5.   Posted by TheOne10118   2017-02-09 12:58    

These envmaps are great! It's a shame that night has no sky.

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