I've got a pm asking me how to make multiple versions of a part(aka having that part with different textures) from a mod, so here's a little tutorial about how to do it.

- Convert your RPK to RDB with Resource Converter

- Open the CFG of the whatever part you want to duplicate

- Copy the RESOURCE ID from its header("# resource ID of this part: 0x0000****")

- Search that ID on the RDB and copy its string(example below)

- Paste that string on your RDB bottom, make sure to leave about 20 empty rows from the last string(it will help you find it quickly)

- Copy the RENDER ID from your CFG and search it on RDB(render 0x0000****)

- As before copy the string and paste it at the end of the RDB, this time just below the previous string(live max 1 string)

- Add a texture sting(an example below)

- Thus paste your texture string 4 lines above the stuff we pasted before, remember to give it a unique TYPEID and change the texture name with whatever you need

- Now copy your original CFG and JAVA, rename them so to be unique(you can even simply add a underscore|number - _1, _2, _3, etc.)

- Rename them also on the first string i made you copy, a complete example/preview here below

- Now you just have to change the two IDs(RESOURCE ID and RENDER ID) in the new CFGs you created(so to correspond to those you created) and edit two strings in your javas. Remember that javas are "case sensitive", it means that you have to write these names with the same upper and lower case fonts as on the file name, otherwise it'll crash(example below)

- Convert your RDB in RPK again and drop it on your Parts folder

Have fun!


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1.   Posted by MartyTheGamer   2015-04-02 19:49    

Oh didn't notice you made a tutorial on this! Thanks, going to do this tomorrow to get multiple plates on your awesome plate mod.

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