New sounds for the rescripted 2jz-gte FIXED

This is my first upload.
I've made some sounds that i think you all would like so i decided to upload them here.

Preview of the sounds: *LINK*

UPDATE!(01-19-2015) Turbo sound is only applied when there is turbo/turbos on the engine!

Note: Only the 3.4 BC Stroker has the correct sounds.
1.   Posted by mindeliszz   2015-01-16 14:59    

here you go, fixed script, should disable turbo whine when turbo is not applied

p.s. i haven't tested it

2.   Posted by qevin   2015-01-16 15:44    

Yes thank you

3.   Posted by dicio_cross   2015-01-17 19:26    

dont work for me

4.   Posted by qevin   2015-01-18 20:14    

How is it not working? I am going to look at it when i get back home. I've been away since i uploaded it so i am gonna fix some things when i get back.

5.   Posted by Rado   2015-01-19 20:12    

Great man! I am going to try it out later.

6.   Posted by qevin   2015-01-19 22:47    

Thanks, hope you enjoy

7.   Posted by dicio_cross   2015-01-19 23:50    

can you upload the engine with the sounds?

8.   Posted by Rado   2015-01-24 12:22    

I love it :)

9.   Posted by qevin   2015-01-24 12:27    

Great :)

10.   Posted by Marcelo1997Oliveto   2015-01-27 04:57    

is not like video

11.   Posted by qevin   2015-01-27 17:12    

Turbo is not the same but the rest is, maybe use longer gears and adjust the

12.   Posted by [email protected]   2015-02-07 09:04    

how to replace sounds like you you them as prescribed but I don't understand help please I subscribed to you on YouTube Thanks in advance

13.   Posted by makaveli597   2015-02-09 22:49    

here not worked my ta please help

14.   Posted by qevin   2015-02-10 07:10    

Asatryan, look at the forums. Everything i've learned is from reading posts and having some common sense


15.   Posted by ktuning   2015-02-10 11:30    

Thank you very much i love it, the turbo spooling sound is very good, i didn't like BOV sound but i changed it
:awesome: :awesome: :awesome:

16.   Posted by qevin   2015-02-10 15:50    

Thanks, im glad you like it :)

17.   Posted by ktuning   2015-02-10 19:19    

Can you tell me please ...
How can i make my own sounds ... ?
Sorry for my bad english I'm Greek .... :P :P :P :P :P

18.   Posted by Юрий   2015-02-17 21:54    

У меня версия jack v2 на ней не работает

19.   Posted by DankEngine   2015-02-18 23:16    


20.   Posted by qevin   2015-02-19 17:42    

You extract archive in your parts folder

21.   Posted by boysantacruz   2015-04-11 06:01    


22.   Posted by Lonni   2015-05-27 14:57    

Can someone just tell me , or give me a link of this "rescripted 2jz-gte FIXED" ? Cuz i can't find anything :|

23.   Posted by mercone   2015-05-27 17:15    

i cant get it to work plz help

24.   Posted by mercone   2015-05-27 17:40    

and ware do i get the engine ?? and how do i pair it whit the car ? plz help

25.   Posted by Nexblade96   2015-05-28 17:21    

The engine you can get easy by just searching "2JZ GTE". to pair it with the car just get slrr editor

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